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May 30, 2018
DIY Century Eggs


This project was created for Mapping Information at RISD under the instruction of Doug Scott during Spring 2018. I created a small accordion book detailing the process of do-it-yourself Century Eggs, or Pidan in Chinese. We were instructed to choose any type of process (how orange juice is made, how airplanes are constructed, etc), and create a step-by-step visual showing the process using as few words as possible.

What are Century Eggs?

Century eggs are duck eggs that are fermented in a caustic mixture and left for several weeks. The yolk turns creamy and green, and the whites turn gelatinous and brown. They are certainly an acquired taste for those unfamiliar with this asian delicacy!

Century eggs peeled

I chose to show the process of making century eggs. Using mostly pictorial and iconic language I showed this process. The brown paper choice signifies the color of the egg yolk, and the use of black circular shapes represents the eggs.


Ideally, this DIY guide would come inside a box with all the ingredients you need pre-packaged and measured out.

Front cover
Ingredient list
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Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
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Step 10

You can follow this recipe to make some homemade Chinese Century Eggs yourself!
Pidan Recipe