August 30, 2018

Being the First Brand Design Intern at Stripe

I was on the Brand & Communications team and worked on lots of consumer-facing brand assets as well as materials for internal company use. Working at Stripe was truly one of the most life-changing experiences I have had thus far.

Stripe Communities Rebrand

The first project I worked on was the rebrand of the Stripe Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to Stripe Communities! For this project I was assigned to design 2 of the 9 logos (and later jumped on a third). I worked on the East & Southeast Asians logo and the Rainbows (LGBTQ) logo.

Stripe Communities

East & Southeast Asians

For this logo I did tons of research into "asian" symbolism and imagery. A huge potential issue I wanted to avoid with this logo was making it too specific to one type of Asian or making it too stereotypical (a dragon, a yin-yang sign, things that are too generically east asian). My first few ideas were to approach the subject typographically, geographically, as an identity, or with food.

ESEA Ideation

Then my epiphany hit. ESEA should be represented by an activity we all share: eating! Not just a graphical representation of food, but a symbol of community and eating together as a family or group. This is an important part of almost every asian culture, and I thought it best represented our entire community.

I initially had a sketch of two hands eating, but later added a third hand which spoke more to the community aspect. Each hand uses a different utensil (chopsticks and spoon are more east asian, and many southeast asians eat with their hands!).

ESEA Late Ideation

This is the final version of the ESEA logo with color. The color really solidifies my concept of diversity and representation which I wanted to emphasize for this cultural community.

I was personally part of this ERG during my time at Stripe and actually was part of the organizing team that planned events and kept an agenda! Which basically means we ordered boba and Beard Papas for every meeting.

ESEA Final Logo


The Rainbows logo was much more straightforward and I came up with a few different graphic ideas.

Rainbows ideation

After a few rounds of critique and consulting with the stakeholders (Rainbows lead members) I narrowed down to these two concepts!

Rainbows Logo Ideation

This is the final version of the logo with color and scaled up and down in size!


I was also able to step in and help render the logo for the Desi ERG as well! The logo is a lotus flower and leaf which represents the national flower of India.

DESI logo

Stripe Communities Posters

After my partnered designer and I finished these logos, we created posters promoting the newly rebranded Stripe Communities. We even had a Stripe Communities fair event which I helped to plan and set up!

Stripe Communities poster series

Project 2: Increment

Increment artwork [not by me]

Increment Research & Ideation

This project was special to me because Increment was one of the reasons that prompted me to apply to Stripe in the first place!

I was supposed to lay out an interview piece for the publication. I started by researching different interview layouts and various ways of organizing information. For example, I tried a few different information hierarchies using color and indentation, to name a few. These are a few different early ideas and concepts I tried out by following the Increment grid and styleguide while exercising my own creative liberties.

Layout 1

Increment Final Version

Final Increment Interview Layout

Belgium Launch Poster

My most fun project was to create a country launch poster. I chose to design one for our Belgium product launch which happened back in 2017! These are some initial sketches I created during the research stage. For inspiration, I looked at different aspects of Belgium such as the national flower, colors, monuments, famous features, artists, and so forth.

Belgium poster ideation
More ideation

My most intriguing idea was inspired by the crow-stepped gables of Belgium. They're basically recognizable buildings in Belgium that have roofs shaped like stairs!

Final Poster

Stripe is amazing!

The day I started my internship at Stripe, I had no idea what a tremendous journey I had ahead of myself both as a designer and as a human being. I have met some of the most insanely talented people at this company and this internship has been one of the most fulfilling and enriching experiences of my life!

Pictured is a small portion of the summer intern cohort. I love my Stripe family!

Intern class summer 2018
Stripe is a tech company in San Francisco, California that specializes in financial software.