May 28, 2019
The Lunchbox Museum

The Lunchbox Museum is a museum featuring vintage metal lunchboxes in Columbus, Georgia. This project was created in response to an assignment in the course Designing with Color at RISD.

Layout of brand assets
Business cards

admission tickets & stickers


I started out by researching the museum itself, which is quite small. The inside is basically shelves on shelves of vintage lunchboxes of all shapes, colors, and featured characters!

Inside the Lunchbox Museum


To start ideating about the brand and logo, I first generated a list of words relating to the concept of "lunchbox" in order to spark a good direction.


Next, I decided to try and set the name of the museum in a typeface that seemed to work, so I experimented with numerous typefaces (only a few shown below). I was drawn in particular to Piepie Regular, Variex OT, and Chuck, which were all downloaded from Adobe Typekit.

typeface choices

After that, I tried making simple graphic ideas for logos in a rapid and iterative manner, just to get everything out there, even if the ideas were crappy. As you can see, these are the ideas that failed spectacularly in the beginning of my process.

However, through this process I noticed that the modular type on the very right was interesting because it mimicked the idea of compartmentalization evident in a lunchbox as it relates to the concept of storage and packing.


I played with some more fleshed out concepts inspired by modularity and variety, since you can put so many things into a lunchbox in so many different ways. The left-most idea was created based on this thought, so it plays on abstract shapes to represent this variety. The middle was interesting to me because it was so playful, which is also what I was aiming for since these are children's lunchboxes. However, it began to remind me too much of "Friends" for some reason. The right-most concept grabbed my attention the most because I thought it could be rearranged in so many different ways.

Late stage concepts


In terms of colors, I wanted to pick 5-6 to keep the palette broad. This reflects the varietal nature of the lunchboxes - there are so many designs with so many different characters on them. At first I had picked out very strong, bold colors. However, after working with them I decided to dull them and put them on a faded background color in order to mimic the dusty, vintage look of the old lunchboxes.

Color palettes

After I had narrowed down on the square typeface Chuck, I played around with the layout and the color application in the logomark.

Final lockups


In addition to the logomark, I also created five snack/food icons as part of the brand identity in order to add more graphic elements and personality. They were created with the same colors and to fit the same dimensions as the logomark letters.

The real Lunchbox Museum is located in Columbus, Georgia.
Lunchbox Museum website